Premium Plant Based Organic Oils

Organic Preservatives 

Plant Based Organic Butters 

Organic Floral Hydrosol

99.5 % Recyclable Packaging

All of the ingredients and oils are 100% pure, ethically sourced from independent farms in France, Wales and the UK. All of the formulas are created and made by hand in small batches for freshness. Complexion Skincare is vegan, synthetic fragrance-free, never tested on animals, paraben free, free of dyes and comes beautifully bottled in recycled black glass to protect the formula from light. The essential oils are tested thoroughly in a lab in the UK where they perform chromatographic analysis to ensure that my formulas contain only the best and purest ingredients.

At Complexion Skincare, we make  products that are cosmetically elegant, with therapeutic benefits and medicinal properties, which means they are slightly heavier in texture due to the higher oil content. In standard creams and lotions, the greatest ingredient is “aqua or water.” When making my products, we do not add water; we use the plants floral water. These are some of the details that make Complexion Skincare unique.