IMPERIAL Cleanser

    • IMPERIAL Cleanser is a "double cleanse" system and is the cleanser I dreamt of for years. I searched high and low for a cleanser like this one and never found it, so I created it. IMPERIAL Cleanser is a milky lotion, gentle foaming, oil cleanser that should be used on dry skin and removed with soft, damp warm cloth. Always cleanse twice.  Using IMPERIAL Cleanser "double  cleanse" process rids the skin of makeup, sunscreen, toxins and debris while maintaining the skin's delicate pH. Never stripping the barrier or compromising the skin's unique ecosystem. 


      I make products that are cosmetically elegant, with therapeutic benefits and medicinal properties, which means they are slightly heavier in texture due to the higher oil content.


      *All ingredients are organic, ECOCERT and compliant with the strict guidelines of the EU for clean and safe skincare.