Meet Jamie, founder of Complexion Skincare. She is a board-certified Master Medical Aesthetician and Certified Medical Assistant, Integrative Health and Wellness Counselor, Makeup Artist, Aesthetic Educator, formulator, founder of Complexion Luxury Organic Skincare, and owner of the Seattle-based Complexion Clinical Skincare. Jamie has 39 years of experience in skincare, is passionate about clean, whole-body health and wellness, she loves making people feel beautiful, healthy and confident.



Welcome to Complexion Skincare, where clean, organic and therapeutic botanicals meet luxury and efficacy. My training in luxury skincare and work in the medical field fueled my desire to create Complexion Skincare, a luxury, organic and therapeutic skincare line. 

Beauty and wellness is a life-long passion of mine and from the time I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to make people feel healthy, confident and beautiful. This is my journey to bringing you Complexion Skincare. 

While attending college, I realized I wanted to become an esthetician and makeup artist.  After careful consideration, I left college and headed to the city to fulfill my dream and have never looked back.  

My early years were spent working in skincare clinics and for prestigious beauty brands like Clarins, YSL Beauty, Chanel Beauty and others. Around this same time, I started spending my summers in Paris, where I dabbled in French skincare and fell in love with the clean, effortlessness of it.

After a diverse career in the skincare and cosmetic industries, I became a medical aesthetician in the dermatology field, where I earned my MMA and CMA. I then worked as a nurse in dermatology and internal medicine, which is where it all came together for me. 

I learned about whole-body health and healing, including how diet, stress, lifestyle, sleep and emotions impact the health and vitality of your skin; and how herbs and botanicals could be used as natural alternatives to some commonly prescribed drugs.

In 2010, after several years working in and studying skin and whole-body health, I opened Seattle-based Complexion Clinical Skincare and the rest is history. In the clinic, individuals are treated for acne, dry dehydrated skin, aging, rosacea, normal skin and various other concerns. 

After formulating, making and selling skincare for 10 years to clients, we opened our online boutique. 

Wake up your sleeping beauty.






Complexion Skincare is a luxury, organic skincare brand that is inclusive, stemming from our passion for treating clients of all ages, ethnicities and genders. We consider the whole body when treating clients and together, we find balance, harmony and healing for beautiful skin.